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At Cue Sport Group, players can learn of the different betting options revolving around billiards. The site is packed with information that will let bettors know how they can enjoy the thrill of billiards and generate some great payouts from bets that are placed. The information that is provided at the site is broken up into smaller categories so visitors can easily find the information they are seeking. There is a section that deals with the history of billiards, an area that will discuss the popularity of the game as well as an area that contains articles relating to 8 Ball Billiards, Snooker and how bettors can place wagers on these types of games.

History of Billiards

The game of billiards has a long history and is dated back to the 15th century. The game was often played by kings, commoners, ladies and gentlemen and the game initially evolved from a lawn game that was quite similar to the croquet game known today. Instead of playing the game outdoors, it was moved to an indoor location and was played on a wooden table that was covered with green cloth to replicate grass. A basic border was added to the border of the table and the initial billiards table was born. Instead of the balls being struck, they were shoved on the table using sticks called maces.

By the 1600s, the game has become quite popular and was known well enough that Shakespeare was attracted to the game. About 75 years following, the first book discussing the rules of billiards was written and this became the go to manual for those learning the game. Right before the turn of the century, the cue stick was born and it quickly took the place of the mace that had been used. Te mace has a large head that would make it almost impossible to get off a successful shot when the ball was near the border of the table. For many years, it was only the men who could use the cue stick and ladies had to continue using the mace. Billiards equipment continues to evolve and in the 18th century, fixed dimensions on tables were established and the rules of the game were well defined.

Popularity of Billiards

Ever since the game was introduced, it gained attention and quickly became a popular game. The game of English Billiards was the dominant game in Britain from 1770 all the way to the 1920s. While the initial game was played with three balls and six pockets, it was one that was widely accepted as a social game. The tradition is carried on today with Snooker, a complex game using the same type of equipment as English Billiards but played with 22 balls instead of the initial three. Today, Snooker is one of the leading sports played in Britain and fans can catch a competition just about every day.

In the Americas, the American billiard game was American Four Ball Billiards, which was played on a table with four pockets and four balls. The success of this version lead to the development of American Fifteen Ball Pool, which is now one of the most popular versions of the game played today.

Other General Billiards Information

Over the years, there have been many forms of the game that have been developed, each offering another level of play and some interesting details. While Billiards remained a popular sport, the later years saw some of the more popular versions of the game emerging. In 1900, the game of Eight Ball was invented and this was followed by Straight Pool in 1910. None Ball, which is one of the more popular games from competition play, was invented right around 1920. The term “billiards” referred to any game that is played on a billiards table, whether there are pockets or not. However, most people now refer to billiards as a carom game and pool for any game that is played with pockets.

While the popularity of billiards never really died down, it was completely revived in 1961 when the movie The Hustler was released. This black and white film focused on the life of a pool hustler. After this movie, new billiards and pool rooms opened up all over the US. In 1986, The Color Of Money was another film largely based on billiards and this movie brought the excitement of the game to the younger generations. The result was the opening of private pool halls and special rooms that catered to players who had unique skills when playing the game.