Difference Between Snooker, Pool and Billiards

Many people do not understand the differences between billiards, pool and snooker and this cannot appreciate each game for what it truly is. In short, snooker is a game that is played with 22 balls while billiards is played with 3 balls and pool with 16 balls. The rules of the three games are different and the only game that is played on a table without pockets is Carom Billiards. Snooker is a unique game that is played on a table that is much larger than a standard pool table. The snooker table measured 12x6 feet and the game is much more complicated than pool. Snooker also has more prize money to offer professional players. The main differences of the games lie in the rules and regulations. With Snooker, the 22 balls are of different colors, with 15 being red and the remaining balls of different colors. There is also a cue ball in play and each coloured ball has apposition on the table as well as designated points. While the rules of the game may at first seem confusing, once they are mastered, payers will see what an enjoyable and competitive sport Snooker truly is. This game is one of the most prestigious in the world of billiards and it is one that is often followed by many, watching professional players perform on World Tours.

What is Snooker and How is it Played?

To understand the rules of Snooker, players first start with understanding the 22 balls in play. With one cue, 15 red and 6 balls of other colors, the player will try to score points by using the cue ball to sink red and coloured balls. At the beginning of play, the balls are set up according to the basic rules of the game and a break off shot will be taken. To play correctly, there must be a sequence of balls that are potted. A red ball that is potted must then be followed by a ball of color. If a coloured ball is potted, the next in must be red. This continues until no red balls remain on the table, leading to one player having a higher score than the other, being deemed the winner. There are varieties of fouls that can be committed in the game and these will be learned over time as players progress and become more experienced. The game is overseen by a referee, ensuring that all game rules are followed by both players.

The World Snooker Association

The World Snooker Association is the highest governing body in the world of Snooker play and it is responsible for running the main circuit events. These include the World Snooker Championship, Shanghai Masters, UK Championship, Welsh Open, World Open and China Open. This association is also responsible for organising any invitational events that may be held like the Masters. The head office of the association is located in England and is chaired by Jason Furgeson. All rules and regulations of snooker professional play are determined by this association and it will also tend to any disciplinary matters. While the World Snooker Association covers the men’s professional players and events, there is also the World Ladies Billiards and Snooker Association, which offers its own rankings and tournament events.

Snooker Tournaments

Players that have taken up the professional side of Snooker van play on one of the main tour circuits of the World Snooker Tour. As players play, they will earn different points that will rank their performance and the points that have been collected over the previous two seasons of play will determine the world ranking of the player. The rank of a Snooker player will determine the qualifications for ranking tournaments of plat. The best Snooker players in the world will be regarded at eh Top 16 and these players will not be required to pre-qualify for three of the tournaments on the Tour, including the Australian Open, World Snooker Championship and the Shanghai Masters. The entire tour will consist of 96 players, including the 64 top players from the previous season, 8 of the highest ranking professional players who are not in the top 64, and the final 12 players will be from various regional and junior championships, referred to as the Q School.

The most popular event for professional Snooker players is the World Championship, an event that has been held every year since 1927. The event is held in Sheffield, England and has been played here since 1977. Over the years, different sponsors have emerged to support professional Snooker players with the latest sponsors being Betfred.com and 888.com. Winning this championship is the most prestigious title for any Snooker player and offers £300,000 for the winner along with ranking points.